Lesson Plan of Parallel Lines


Lesson Planning of Parallel Lines

Subject Mathematics

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize parallel and non-parallel lines.
  • Draw a parallel line to a given straight line using a set-square.
  • Draw a line which passes through a given point and is parallel to a given line.

Information for Teachers

  • Lines that lie in the same plane and don`t meet one another are said to be parallel lines.

Parallel Lines



Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, straws, pebbles, wooden geometry box, textbook


  • Recall the concept of line and tell that there are some lines which never meet and never touch each other. They are called parallel lines. When curiosity rose present the following.
  • 1.      Take two straws and place them in position to show straight parallel lines.
  • 2.      Take some pebbles and arrange them on floor / table in curvy parallel lines and finally draw similar figures on board and tell that parallel lines never meet or cut each other.
  • 3.      Draw a pair of parallel lines in the middle of the board and invite students to come and extend the drawing to see if the ever met?
  • 4.      Let the whole class do it on their notebooks and check if they meet?

(This will help and give you a clue for going ahead)

  • Ask the students if they can name some parallel lines from their surroundings, Such as;

Lines on highway,

Railroad tracks

Lines in their notebooks

  • Then repeat; Parallel Lines:
  • Two lines (that go on forever) beside each other that never intersect or touch each other.
  • Ask: what would happen if railway tracks were not parallel?  (Expected answer would be as; The train- wheels would not find the track to be fixed in and move, hence the train would derail)
  • Discuss parallel lines in given letters: H, N, W

(One pair, one pair, two pair)

  • Present the following parallel line patterns on chart paper or on the board.


Activity 1

  • Ask how many of them can draw parallel lines like above? And then give them some time to try.
  • Share with them that they can draw parallel lines by using a ruler and a set-square.
  • Demonstrate the following steps on the board. First describe the step verbally, make the students repeat and then draw on the board. the steps are as follows:


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