Pre-writing Strategies


Lesson Planning of Pre-writing Strategies

Subject English

Grade 8th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use variety of pre-writing strategies such as brainstorming, mind mapping, outlining, etc.

Information for Teachers

  • To produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion is called brainstorming.

 Pre-writing Strategies

  • A mind map is a diagram used to represent a word, idea, task, or other item that is linked and organized around a keyword or idea. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, organize, and classify ideas, and as an aid for analyzing and organizing information, problem solving, decision making, and writing.
  • Pre-writing strategies use writing to generate and explain ideas. While many authors have traditionally drafted a draft before writing, there is the possibility of further pre-writing activation… We often refer to this rewriting activity as the “brainstorming technique”. Five helpful strategies are to list, collect, rewrite, refine, and ask six reporter questions.
  • The first stage of the writing process:
  •  Help us discover our first idea about something and put it on paper, even if it’s often unorganized.

Material/ Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, pointer, note books


  • Select a topic and as the student about this topic. Ask them to give their ideas about it and ask one student to come up and write those ideas on writing board.
  • Here explain to them that this is a pre-writing strategy called “brainstorming”.


Activity 1

  • Draw a mind map on the board and write all important information in it.
  • Explain them the mind map and the way it can be made.
  • Now give them a topic and ask them to make a mind map of it.

.Activity 2

  • Divide the class in two groups.
  • Give them a topic.

  • Ask one group to write the main points about the topic through brain-storming.
  • Ask the other group to jot down the main points about the topics and make the mind map of them.
  • Both the groups can cross check each other’s work.

Conclusion / Sum up

  • Conclude the lesson by again explaining the concept of pre-writing strategies to the class.


  • Ask the students to select any topic and use pre-writing strategies for writing important points about it.

Follow up

  • Ask the students to select a topic and make mind map.



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