Lesson Planning of Prepositional phrase


Lesson Planning of Prepositional phrase

Subject English

Grade 9th


  • Read the following sentences:
  • (a)   He is ill (b) He still works.
  • In spite of his illness, he works.


  •     (a)   He made a promise. (b) He kept it also.
  •       Besides making a promise, he kept it.
  •        In sentence (ii) ‘In spite of’ and in sentence (IV) ‘besides  making’ are groups of words beginning with a preposition and act as a unit other than a Noun Phrase, an Adjective Phrase or Adverb Phrase, such Phrases are called Prepositional Phrases.

Prepositional phrase

  •      So, a prepositional phrase consists of preposition followed by a prepositional complement which is characteristically a noun phrase or a WH – Clause or V-ing Clause.
  •      Note: Some Adjective Phrases and Adverbial Phrases also begin with a Preposition. But such an adjective Phrase qualifies a noun, while a purely prepositional phrase keeps its main force on preposition construction. However, in a broader sense, prepositional phrases include adjective phrase beginning with a preposition, adverb phrase beginning with a preposition and a purely prepositional phrase with its main force on preposition.

Prepositional phrase


Prepositional Complement




The railway station.

What he said

Singing a song


  • Prepositional Phrase is consistent on preposition, which is followed by prepositional complement.  
  • A few Prepositional Phrase are, as; According to, along with, away from, because of, in favour of, in spite of, instead of, in order to, in place of, on account of, with a view to, with regard to, at the bottom of, at home in, by dint of, by way of, in case of etc.


Activity 1

  1. Who is at the bottom of this conspiracy?
  2. He at home in English.
  3. He succeeded by dint of hard work.
  4. I said it just by way of joke.
  5. Call me in case of danger.
  6. He played instead of working.
  7. I went there with a view to meeting him.
  8. He could not come to school because of illness.
  9. We are in favour of change here.
  10. He acted according to the instructions.


Activity 2

  • Identify the prepositions and prepositional phrases:
  1. Work hard instead of talking.
  2. She sat in the sun.
  3. There is a school in front of my house.
  4. I am fond of reading novels.
  5. He was at the point of death.
  6. He came here by road.
  7. He succeeded in the teeth of opposition.
  8. He is on the verge of retirement.
  9. He was happy on the eve of his marriage.
  10. He went there on foot



Answer key:

  1. instead of (PP
  2.  in (preposition)
  3. In front of (PP)
  4. of (Preposition)
  5. At the point of (PP)
  6. by (Preposition)
  7. In the teeth of (PP)
  8. On the verge of (PP)
  9. On the eve of (PP)
  10. On (Preposition)


Activity 3

  • Identify Adjective Phrases, Adverb Phrases, Noun Phrases and Prepositional Phrases in the following sentences.
  1. She won our hearts in spite of her faults.
  2. She speaks like a born orator.
  3. Is this the train go to Karachi?
  4. She expected your answer at an early date.
  5. We left the place at that moment,
  6. The accident occurred on this spot.
  7. We did not expect such treatment at his hands.
  8. The cottage on this hill was washed away.
  9. All their activities were withdrawn from this very moment.
  10. The student cried for a holiday in a loud voice.
  11. She won the prize by means of hard work.
  12. Call the Fire Brigade in case of fire.
  13. He denied stealing the money.
  14. I hope to win the first prize.
  15. The poor man lived in a hut made of wood.
  16. How did you get a thing of values?
  17. He is waiting in front of the school.
  18. The hunter went to the jungle in search of a deer.
  19. This is an axe made of iron.
  20. The train was late in the usual way.

Answer key:

  1. In spite of (Prepositional  phrase)
  2. like a born orator (Adverb Phrase)
  3. to Karachi (Adjective Phrase)
  4. at an early date (Adverb Phrase)
  5. at that moment (Adverb Phrase)
  6. on this spot (Adverb Phrase)
  7. such a treatment at his hands (Noun Phrase)
  8. on this hill (Adjective Phrase)
  9. from this very moment (Adverb Phrase)
  10. in a loud voice (Adverb Phrase)
  11. by means of (Prepositional Phrase)
  12. in case of (Prepositional Phrase)
  13. stealing the money (Noun Phrase)
  14. to win the first prize (Noun Phrase)
  15. made of the wood (Adjective Phrase)
  16. a thing of value (Adjective phrase)
  17. in front of(Prepositional Phrase)
  18. in search of (Prepositional Phrase)
  19. made of iron (Adjective Phrase)
  20. in the usual way  (Adverb Phrase)


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