Lesson Planning of Punctuation Marks


Lesson Planning of Punctuation Marks

Subject English

Grade 4th

Students` Learning Outcomes 

  • Recall the rules of punctuation mark learnt earlier classes.

Information for Teachers

  • The rules learnt earlier are the following;
  • Recognize that a sentence start with capital letter and ends with some form of punctuation, i.e. full-stop and question mark or an exclamation mark.

  • Recognize and use apostrophe to show possessions and exclamation mark to show strong feelings.
  • Study the punctuation lesson plan of class 3. You may start with the activities from class 3 lesson plans if your students need basic practice.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps where and when applicable.





























Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, chart paper, textbook


Activity 1

  • Instruction: Write the following letter on the board/ chart with blanks and some pictures.
  • Ask the students to help you complete the following letter adding correct punctuation marks
  • Don`t accepts students` answers without the reason for using the mark.

Dear friends

Hello ___ How are you _____ I am having a great time in Bahawalpur_____ My grandfather-s mango trees are near home____ Every day I go with my grandfather and cousins to eat mangoes from trees ___- Wao ___ they are very sweet ___ I miss you all here when I climb up the trees ___ How is your Summer ___ I am coming back next week____




Activity 2

  • Divide the class into pairs and ask to do the following:
  • a)      Find any 2 sentences from your English textbook with the following punctuation mark:
  • b)      Discuss their meaning.
  • c)      Write the sentences in the notebook and present your work in pairs.


     Conclusion Sum up

  •  Brief class discussion. Ask the students to tell when to use the above 4 punctuation marks. Help the students to tell in simple complete sentences like:
  • a)      We use full stop to end a sentence.
  • b)      We use first capital letter in start of the sentences.
  • c)      We use question mark to end a question.
  • d)     We use an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence to show surprise, urgency or excitement (very strong emotions)
  • e)      We use apostrophe to show possession of a noun.


  • Instruction: Explain the question to the students and ask to do on notebook. It can be done on worksheet or on answer sheets as well.

Q. Rewrite the following sentences using the correct punctuation mark. (Use ? at the end of question, use . at the end of a sentence, use ! at the end of strong feelings, use ` to show possession of a noun)


  1. That is Osman –s house __________________
  2. Ouch- I hurt my knee ___________________
  3. Hums –s sharpener is sharp _____________
  4. Where is your new pencil _______________
  5. Those are my friend-s bicycles ___________
  6. Hooray – We are in new class ___________
  7. It is Monday today __________________
  8. May I go to the toilet please __________
  9. I am so happy because today is my birthday _____
  10. There are forty five students in my class ________
  • Teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at end of unit / chapter.

Follow up

  • Ask the students to write 3 sentences with each of the punctuation marks in note books.
  • Make the students act and say sentences, questions and strong emotions. Ask the students to come up with new and different sentences from English cartoons.


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