Reading Information in a Pie Chart


Lesson Plan of Reading Information in a Pie Chart

Subject English

Grade V

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Read to compare information given in a pie chart and a bar graph.

Information for teachers

  • Pie chart is a common type of graph that is in a shape of a circle. There are small portions in the circle which are called segments. The segments are presented in different colors to be identified differently.
  • Graphs and charts help us understand the data better.
  • Pie chart is used for comparison. We can do comparison through pie chart easily as compared to other types of graphs.

Material / Resources

  • A picture card of the pie chart (use any pie chart from any textbook or the pie chart which is used at the end of the lesson plan. Don`t cut the pie chart from here), writing board, chalk/marker, duster, text book


  • Show the picture card of the pie chart to the students. (See at the end of the lesson plan).
  • Read aloud the information given on the pie chart, i.e. meat, fish, vegetable and pulses.
  • The pie chart is giving information about the percentage of how many students like each.
  • Ask the student’s questions like what is the percentage of pulses, etc.
  • Appreciate the students by saying “very good” for correct answer.


Activity 1

  • Ask the students to look at the picture card of the pie chart and answer the questions: as;
  • Ask the students the percentages written on the pie chart. (Expected answer would be as; 18, 30, 30, 22)
  • What does the pie chart represent/explain? (Expected answer would be as; it tells us how many students of class 5 like fish, how many like pulses, etc.)
  • Ask other students to clap for the student who gives the correct answer. Tell them that pie chart is divided into segments. The size of segments in the pie chart given below gives us the comparison of people`s likeness towards different edibles. The bigger the size, the higher the percentages of comparison figure.
  • Ask the question:
  1. Why is reading information on the pie chart important? (Expected answer would be as; it gives us comparison.)
  2. Ask the students to write this question and its answer, in their notebooks.

Activity 2

  • Ask the students to draw the pie chart in their notebooks and answer the questions given below.
  • Which two items are liked most by the students? (Expected answer would be as; Fish and vegetables are liked most by the students).
  • What percentages of the students like to eat pulses? (Expected answer would be as; 18% of students like to eat pulses.)
  • What does green color represent? (Expected answer would be as; it represents the percentage of students who like meat.)

Sum up/ Conclusion

  • Conclude the lesson by repeating the concept of pie chart.


  • Assess students` responses for feedback.

Follow up

  • Write the questions on the writing board and ask the students to copy and write the answers in their notebook.
  • Note- you must draw the pie chart on a card paper and take it to class for teaching the lesson. Don`t cut it from here. Pie chart giving information about: class 5 students: as;
  • How many like fish, vegetables, meat or pulses?


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