Leson Plan of Reading Skills of Glossary



Subject English

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use textual aids such as table of contents and glossary for greater comprehension of texts.

Information for Teachers

Table of content can help the students to find the units and chapters. It also gives information about the type of text i.e. poem, story, dialogue, fiction, non-fiction.

  • A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular area of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book, which are either newly introduced.
  • Try to use their textbook (math / science) to find new words for teaching.

Reading Skills of Glossary


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook, sample glossary list, chart papers to show glossary done by the students.


  • Ask the students to open their books on the table of contents page. Tell them how to use it to find some lesson / unit.
  • Ask them to open the table of contents and find some pages by using it.
  • You can ask questions like; on what page is the poem?
  • Tell them the concept of glossary. Link it with dictionary skills.


  • Tell them that every book does not have a glossary, but there are many books that have glossary at the end.



Activity 1

  • Ask them to open the page of the book that you have selected for them.
  • Ask them to read the text in groups.


  • Ask them to underline the difficult words, which they don`t know.
  • After they have done it, ask them to open the glossary list.(Give them the glossary list if the book has no glossary list.)



  • Ask them to find the meaning of difficult words to understand the text. Ask them to tell you what they have noticed about arrangement (Possible answer; alphabetical order)



  • Ask how it is different from a dictionary.
  • Tell them to recall the alphabetical order and look up the difficult words in the glossary.
  • Paste the glossary list in the class for the students` help.


Sum up / Conclusion

  • Conclude the lesson by telling the importance of table of contents and glossary. Paste the list of glossary in the class for further help.


  • Ask them to find some more words from the glossary list and ask them to write down the list on their notebook.


  • Involve the students in solving exercise related to glossary and table of contents at the end of unit / chapter of the textbook.


Follow up

  • Ask them to bring books from home or library, read texts, underline difficult words and find their meanings in the glossary.






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