Lesson Planning of Silent Letters


Lesson Planning of Silent Letter Words with ‘tch’ and ‘sch’

Subject English

Grade V

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Pronounce and spell more words with silent letters such as ‘tch’ as in ‘switch’, ‘sch’ as in ‘school’.

Information for Teachers

  1. Silent means the letter is added to the word but is soundless, quiet or sleeping.
  2. Words having letters ‘tch are pronounced as ‘ch’ where’d’ is silent like in switch, pitch, ditch, etc.
  3. Words having letters ‘sch’ are pronounced as ‘sk’ where ‘h’ is silent like in scholar, school.

Silent Letter Words with ‘tch’ and ‘sch’

  1. While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all steps wherein and whenever it is applicable.

Material / Resources

Paper slips-one for each group, 1-5 picture cards made by a teacher / magazine or newspaper cut outs of the pictures (attached at the end of the lesson), note books, chalk/marker, board, duster, dictionary, textbook


  • Write the words ‘scratch’ and scholar on the board and ask students to read them.
  • Correct them if they read incorrectly.
  • Ask them which letters were not pronounced when reading ‘scratch’ and ‘scholar’.
  • If they give the right answer, tell them why they are not pronounced. Otherwise tell them the letters which are not pronounced (‘t’ in scratch and ‘h’ in scholar) are silent.
  • Ask them about other silent letters in a brainstorming session (know; write, wrong, knight, knife, light, etc.



Activity 1

  • Divide the class into five groups. Give each group a paper slip. Ask two groups to write five words having ‘tch’ at the end of the words like in ‘scratch’.
  • Ask the other two groups to writ five words having ‘sch’ at the beginning of the words like in ‘school’ (scheme, schema, schemer, scholar, schoolroom, school year, scholarship, etc.
  • Tell the groups that they have ten minutes for this activity.
  • Monitor the groups to ensure all group members` participation in the activity.
  • Tell the students to stop writing after ten minutes. Ask one member from each group to share his/her group work with whole class. After each group, finishes sharing the group work, whole class claps for the group. Collect all groups` work.
  • Choose five words having ‘sch’ in the beginning and five words having ‘tch’ at the end from students` work. Write them on the board. Ask the class to read them collectively. Correct them if they pronounce them wrongly.


Activity 2

  • Teach the students the rule for pronouncing the ‘sch’ words where letter ‘h’ remains quiet, for example in the word scholar , letter ‘h’ sleeps and the word is pronounced as ‘skolar’ (note: This is one rule only). Also teach them the rule of pronouncing ‘tch’ at the end of the words where letter’s’ remains silent and it is pronounced like ‘ch’.
  • Now call different students to the board to read the words written on the board using correct pronunciation. Ask the whole class to repeat the words aloud.


Activity 3

  • Attach/paste the picture cards 1-5 on the board. (Made by the teacher, or cut- out from the newspaper or a magazine, do not cut it from here). Ask the students to write one word for each picture.
  • Give them a hint that each word ends at ‘tch’.
  • answers “
  1. match
  2. catch
  3. switch
  4. pitch
  5. witch

Sum up/ Conclusion

  • Review the lesson by asking students to name the picture and then to pronounce it aloud correctly.


  • Check the students` understanding of the correct pronunciation through their participation in the activities.
  • Involve the students in solving the problems give in the exercise at the      end of unit/chapter.

Follow up

  • Ask student cut five pictures from old magazines or newspapers, glue them into notebook and label them using ‘tch’ and ‘sch’ words.

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