Lesson Planning of Simple Circuit


Lesson Planning of Simple Circuit (Open and Closed)

Subject General Science

Grade 4th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Make a simple electric circuit.
  • Distinguish between an open and closed electric circuit.

Information for teachers

  • When a battery /cell, bulb, and switch are connected with the help of wires in such a way that electric current starts flowing through them. It is called an electric circuit.

The circuit is open when the switch of ‘OFF’. No current flows through on open circuit.

The circuit is closed when the switch is ‘ON’. Now current flows through a closed circuit

  • During teaching the lesson, teacher should also consult text at all steps when and where applicable

Material / Resources

Battery cell, connecting wires, torch bulb with holder, switch, sheet of white paper, textbook


  • Ask the students what we do to get light?
    1. How do we turn on a bulb?
    2. What happens when we press the switch on?
  • Inform the students that while entering in the home at night, we turn a switch ON and the whole is lighted. While going out we turn the switch OFF.
  • What makes the bulb glow up? When turning the switch ON, do we start using electricity?


  • Do we also use electricity when we turn the switch OFF?



  • Do you know what an electric circuit is? Let us perform the following activity to find out.


Activity 1

  • Divide the students into groups and give each group a set of material (battery cell, switch, bulb, connecting wires)



  • Ask the students to light the bulb by making a circuit with the material provided. Guide the students if they face any difficulty.

Ask the students to close (ON) the switch. Does the bulb glow? (Expected answer would be as; Yes)


  • Ask them: What passes through the wires to make the bulb glow? (Expected answer would be as; Electric current passes through the bulb to glow it)
  • Ask the students to open (OFF) the switch. What happens to the bulb now? (Expected answer would be as; Electric current does n`t passes through the bulb when the switch is open or OFF)


  • Now draw the following diagrams of electric circuits and table on the board. ask the students to copy the diagrams and complete the table.



Sum up / Conclusion

  • The path along which electric current flows is called an electric circuit.
  • The electric current can`t flow when the circuit is open.
  • The electric current can only flow when the circuit is closed.
  • Battery is the source of electricity.
  • Tomorrow we will learn about the magnet, magnet and non-magnet materials.


  • Make a chart or write down the following questions on the board. then as these questions verbally.


    1. When does a current flow in the circuit?
    2. What is the basic requirement for the flow of current in the circuit?
    3. Why does the bulb not glow when the switch is open?
    4. Does the current flow in the circuit if the switch is open?
    5. What is the use of the battery?
    6. What is the function of connecting wires in circuit?
  • Involve the students in solving the questions given at the end of chapter / unit in textbook.

Follow up

  • Prepare a list of electric appliances used in your home.
    1. What is the role of switch in their working?  


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