Lesson Planning of Sources & Uses of Water


Lesson Planning of Sources & Uses of Water

Subject General Science

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • After studying this lesson, students will be able to:
  • List various sources of water.
  • List the daily activities in which they use water.
  • Recognize that the clean water should be used for drinking.

Science Process Skills

Observing, Classifying, Communicating, Inferring, Predicting

Background Information

  • Water is a precious resource. It is the basic need of all living things. Most of the water in the oceans is not useful for many purposes. Fresh water is less than 2 percent of all available water coming from different sources which are rain, glaciers, lakes, rivers, springs, wells etc. water is used in homes, industries, agriculture and also for leisure (sports such as sailing, boating, swimming, fishing, water skiing and water surfing).

Sources & Uses of Water

  • Fresh water is not available easily at many places. People have to fetch water from faraway places. We should therefore, avoid wastage of water.



  • Start a discussion by asking:
    1. How do we get drinking water at home?


  • How do we use water?



  • Write the highlights of the sources and uses of water on the board.


Activity 1

Water Sources:

  • Divide the class into suitable groups. Ask each group to write the answers to the following questions.
    1. Where does your drinking water come from?
    2. How is water collected and stored?
    3. What are the other sources of water?


  • The teacher will write the responses of all the students on the board and students will discuss to bring out a common list of sources of water.

Activity 2

Uses of water at home:

  • Divide the class into suitable groups. Ask them to observe carefully how water is used in their homes? Next day ask them to hold discussions within their groups and answer the following questions:
    1. How is water used in your home?


  • How do you think water is wasted?



  • How can it be saved?



  • Which household activity uses the largest amount of water?



Activity 3

  • Other uses of water:



  • Now all the groups be asked to list other uses of water outside the home. Make a list on the board on the basis of group work.

Activity 4

Clean Drinking Water:

Background Information

Water is a basic need for life. Water plays vital role indigestion and carries out waste material out of our body. The water we drink should be clean water free from germs and bacteria. Most of our diseases are caused by un-clean water. It is better to clean water before drinking. The most common ways of cleaning water are.

Modern Filtration at home






By adding alums

Activity 5

Discussion Activity

  • Show students two glasses of water. One of them is clean and clear and the other with some dirt which is visible.



  • Then ask:
    1. Which water would you like to drink? And why so do you like?
    2. What will happen if we drink dirty water?
    3. Why should we drink clean water?
    4. How can we clean water?
  • The whole class should participate to recognize the importance of clean drinking water. They should discuss some simple methods to clean water before use.

Activity 6

Discussion Activity

  • Ask students to work in groups to talk about ways of preventing wastage of water. Elicit simple methods of saving water. Such as;



    1. Turning off the shower while soaping
    2. Using a mug of water for brushing teeth or shaving instead of using running water from the tap
    3. Washing all dishes and vegetable in the sink
    4. Washing many cloths at a time manually or using a washing machine
    5. Checking leaks in water taps and pips
    6. Keeping water body clean by not throwing trash or other waste materials into fresh water streams
  • Ask students to prepare posters showing messages about saving water. The poster should be displayed at different locations around the schools.


    1. What is water?
    2. Why is water so important for us?
    3. List different sources of water
    4. How do you clean drinking water?
    5. Write down the daily home activities in which we use water more.

Field Trip

  • Organize a field trip to the place from where water is supplied to your area.



  • Visit a nearby factory / industry where water is used. Find out for which the purposes the water is used in that factory / industry.



  • Divide the class into four groups. Each group be allotted one of the topics given below. Ask them to prepare a photo album, from newspapers and magazines, showing the use of water in;
A)    Homes



B)    Industries


C)    Agriculture


D)    For Leisure






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