Lesson Planning of Speed


Lesson Planning of Speed

Subject General Science

Grade 4th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Define speed and give its relation with distance.

Information for Teachers

  • Speed involves two things: distance covered and the duration of time.
  • Distance covered in unit time is called speed.


  • A fast speed objects covers a specified distance in less time than a slow speed object.

Material / Resources

Two tennis balls, writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook


  • Ask the students:
  • When you were walking in the street, a cyclist passed by you; who are faster, you or the cyclist?


  • Then ask have you ever seen the speedometer of a motor bike or a car?



  • Inform them that the speedometers are used to measure the speed.
  • Inform the students: When you come to school, you cover some distance between your home and school. Then ask:


    1. How do you cover this distance? (Expected answer may be as; on foot, on bicycle, car or bus).
    2. How long does it take you to cover this distance?
    3. How can you cover this distance faster? (Expected answer may be as; on foot, on bicycle, car or bus). (Inform them: A fast speed object covers the specified distance in less time)


Activity 1

  • Ask two students to go from one end of the classroom to the other.
  • Ask one student to cover this distance by walking and the other by running.


  • Ask: Who reached the first? And why done so?
  • Draw their attention to the fact that the greater the speed of the object the shorter is the time taken to cover a certain distance.

Activity 2

  • Mark two lines on the floor, one is the starting line and the other is the finishing line.
  • Place two tennis balls A and B side by side on the starting line.


  • Then ask a student to push both the balls towards the finishing line with different forces.
  • After this demonstration, ask the students:
    1. Which ball reached the finishing line earlier?
    2. Which ball moved faster?


  • Draw out the conclusion than an object with greater speed covers a certain distance in shorter time.

Activity 3

  • Take your students to a playground.
  • Ask two students to start running in the same direction at the first clap and stop running at the send clap.


  • Then ask:
  • Which student covered a longer distance in the same time?
  • Which student ran faster? (Expected answer may be as; a high speed object covers a longer distance in a certain time)

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask the students:
  • What we have learnt from today`s lesson?  And write on the board the following conclusions from the students` answers.


  • The distance is measured by measuring length between the specific points.
  • A faster object covers a specified distance in less time than a slow speed object.
  • A faster object covers a longer distance in less time as compare to a slow one.




  • Teacher will show some pictures (or cut outs) as given below to the students and ask the following questions:
  • Look at the pictures below.
  • Which item is the fastest and which is slowest?
  • In the blocks given below, put the number of suitable pictures.
  • Involve the students in solving the questions given at the end of chapter / unit in textbook

Follow up

  • Discuss the speed of different things in everyday life with your class fellows and enlist them in order of decreasing speed of objects.





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