Story Writing


Students` learning Outcome

  • Write a story using the elements of story writing.

Information for Teachers

  • The parts of a story consist of five main elements: characters, setting, plot, and conflict along with theme.

Story Writing

  • Start the story with an action, dialogue, or thought shot.
  • Write your story as if it has happened already not as if it is happening now.
  • Set the scene, : introduce the setting, characters, and problems.
  • Creates separate paragraph.

Story Writing

  •  Describe the characters feelings, sights, sounds, smells, not just sights.
  • Paragraph has a main sentence and then its explanation.
  • When we write we must put all sentences about one thing or idea together in a paragraph i.e. every paragraph talks about just one thing in detail, it is called topic sentence.
  • During discussion revise the idea of topic sentence or title sentence around which each paragraph develops.

Story Writing

  • The sentences in the paragraph have relationship among themselves as they are organized around one topic or one aspect of the topic.
  • The paragraphs about different aspects of a topic also have relationship among themselves as they are written about one topic.
  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also use textbook at all steps where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, textbook, notebooks, pencils


  • Ask the students whether they notice and identify elements of story writing when they read a story.
  • Encourage the students to name the elements of story writing.


Activity 1

  • Ask a student to tell a story he/she has read recently.
  • Ask the students about the elements of the story narrated.
  • Help them out by telling some elements yourself.
  • Write those elements on the board.


Activity 2

  • Divide the class into small groups of 4 – 5 members each.
  • Give each group a beginning to make a story. For example: as;
  1. I knew something strange would happen that day.
  2. Sami and his sister sigma were alone at home one day.
  3. One day Assad went out to get an ice-cream.
  4. Uzma was walking home from school when she saw it lying on the ground (students to decide what it was that she found).
  • Students choose a beginning to write a story about. They must use all elements of story writing.
  • Students must have characters in their story, mention where the story is taking place (setting), a beginning, middle and end.
  • Instruct them to give a title to the story too.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Repeat all basic elements of the story to the class.
  • Ask the representative from each group to read out their story. Appreciate or advise, as required.
  • Display the stories in class.


  • Assess students` written work to know about their understanding and learning. Give marks to each group`s stories on the basis of all elements used.
  • Involve the students in solving the problems related to story writing given in the exercise at the end of unit/chapter of the textbook.

Follow up

  • Encourage the students to visit their school library. Select a story from a storybook and note down the elements of the story.
  • Write your own story using elements of story writing on the moral ‘Union is strength’.

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