Lesson Plan of Syllables


Lesson Planning of Syllables-II

Subject English

Grade V

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Use a dictionary to find out how words are divided into syllables.

Information for Teachers

  • Read and follow previous lesson about “syllable-1” before this.
  • Understanding syllabication (a process of breaking words into syllables) helps students improve their spelling and reading proficiency. Students need prior knowledge of vowels and consonants and a good understanding of prefixes and suffixes before they ready to learn syllabication. They must also know the difference between long and short vowels sounds.
  • Use a dictionary that shows the syllabication of words. Have dictionaries available in the classroom so that students may check their own work.


Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, textbook, English dictionary, chart


  • Select any 10 words from the textbook for this activity. Ask students to stand up. Call out a word and repeat the word and jump in the air with each syllable. For example, students would jump once when they hear the word “car” and three times when they hear the word “hospital”. Give students a chance to lead the class in the activity once they understand it.
  • Then ask them how they can check whether the number of syllables is wrong or right.
  • Show them this example on a chart or write it on the board. In this example, “dictionary” is shown with syllables, divided with hyphens. This image has been taken from http://www.merriam-webster.com. It is an online dictionary.


Activity 1

  • Take a dictionary in the class. Ask the students what is it used for? Ask them if they have one at home.
  • Ask them to open any page of any letter and tell what they can see. (give one dictionary to each group if possible).
  • Help the students observe carefully how syllables are shown.
  • Call some students to write a word on the board showing syllables, as written in the dictionary.
  • Make all the class practice reading the words with the help of syllables shown on the board.



Activity 2

  • Ask the students to open the next new lesson on the textbook.
  • Ask to read the lesson and underline the new words.
  • Write all the new words on the board from the students in the first column of the following table. (The students can be called to write one word each).
  • Then call more students to fill the rest of the columns using dictionary.
  • They can work in groups if more dictionaries are available.
  • Students can complete their work side by side. Keep checking their work on board and in the notebooks.



Sum up/ Conclusion
  • Discuss, how does dictionaries help us?
  • Conclude the lesson by repeating main points of the lesson planning.


  • Find the exercises related to the topic in the textbook.
  • Students must do the exercise in the notebook or on the textbook

Follow up

  • Maintain and improve students` habit of using a dictionary.

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