Subject Mathematics

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize units of temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

Information for Teachers

  • There are plenty of things in the world that can be measured by using different units.


  • One of them is temperature that is usually measured through an instrument, called thermometer.
  • The thermometer means the measuring instrument? Thermometers used to measure the room temperatures are filled with Alcohol.
  • Thermometer used to measure the body temperature is filled with Mercury.
  • For measuring temperature too commonly used units are Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • If a certain temperature reads “C” in Celsius scale and “f” in Fahrenheit scale, the two readings are related in the following way:


  • During this lesson, for all steps, the teacher should consult the textbook according to the requirement


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, 3 cups of water (2 normal water and 1 cold water) thermometer, textbook


Ask: “What is temperature?” [The degree of heat or coolness of a body or environment]


  • Ask: “What is the standard unit of temperature?” [Degree Celsius]
  • Scientists use Degree Celsius so that they come up with uniform results. No matter where the scientist is from, when he/she talks about temperature he/she is measures it in Degree Celsius.
  • Tell: “Alcohol is used in the thermometer of the environment and mercury is used in the thermometer to measure body temperature”.
  • How a thermometer works? Alcohol/Mercury expands when it is heated.
  • Do you know?
  • o   Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit(0F) and 100 degrees Celsius (0C)
  • o   Water Freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Celsius


  • Share the objectives of today.



Activity 1

  • Ask the students some questions to find out their knowledge about heat and coolness.

o   What comes to your mind when you hear the word HOT?

o   What comes to your mind when you hear the word COLD?

o   How can you tell when something is HOT or COLD?

  • Write students` responses on the board. Do we all have the same opinions about what is hot and what is cold? Let`s find out.
  • Experiment-Let`s explore- hot or cold [whole class]
  • Take three cups of water. Cut B contains ice-water, cup A contains Luke warm water and cup C contain, normal water according to the room temperature.
  • Tell students that we put the cups of water in order from warmest to coldest.
  • Invite different students to come on table and test with finger and write the order on the board.
  • They will be using their fingers as thermometers.
  • Tell the students that they did one finger in each cup.
  • They should also know that they can only dip their fingers in the water once.
  • Everyone can recheck their answers by dipping a finger from the opposite hand in each cup once.
  • When all of the students get chance to put their fingers in cups in order to record their findings on a board with their name. For example;    One student named Anum C, A, B.
  • Then, discuss their answers (most likely there will be different answers A, C, B and C, A, B)
  • Bring students to the conclusion that we need a more accurate instrument to measure the temperature?
  • Ask: “Can you tell an accurate way to measure temperature?
  • Tell the students that we use thermometers to measure temperature.
  • Ask the students, “Which do you think can read the temperature better, a tool for measuring temperature.
  • Thermometers have colored alcohol or Mercury that expands if it is heated and contracts if it is cooled.
  •  Ask them if they have read in science lessons, that water freezes at 0 0C and it boils at 100 C.
  • Explain to the students that they are scientists because scientists use thermometer to read Celsius scale, every day.
  • Students will now use the thermometer to measures of cups A, B, and C.
  • Now they will know the correct sequence of the cups.

Close the Activity:

  • Temperature is the amount of heat in an object, and it tells how hot or cold something is/
  • They should be able to distinguish whether the substance is closer to 0 or 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Ask:

o   How does the doctor or parent check temperature? [with thermometer]

o   What is the range of the body temperature you have heard? [ 96 to 104]

o   Do you know what is the unit to measure it?[as the weight is measured in kilograms and distance in meters we have ‘Celsius scale’ to measure temperature]

o   Did you ever notice in news, when they tell about weather, they use Celsius scale.

o   Our body temperature like 96, 100 or 103 is measured in Fahrenheit.

o   Both units are used to measure temperature.

o   The ice has temperature of 00C (32 0F) and boiling water has temperature of 100 0C(212 0F)

o   The human body temperature is 37 0C which in Fahrenheit is 98.6 0F.

o   We are going to discuss the relation between both scales we can represent one value in other scale.

o   As for distance we use both miles (conventional) and meters (Standards) units, for temperature Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C) both used.

o   Let`s see the relation.

o   Write the following on the board.

o   Ask: “Who will explain this relation?” [invite students to explain it in their own words] I. e.  


o   Repeat it twice.

o   Draw a line in the middle of the board, so that two students can come and work on it at a time.

o   Invite other students also to participate.

Activity 2

Conversion Game:

  • Students will be divided into two teams.
  • Teacher write put a conversion problem on the board.
  • One student from each team will come to the board to solve the sum.
  • Students who finish the conversion first correctly, will earn a point for his / her team.
  • Announce the winner group of the game.
  • His has given enough chance of practicing the conversion rule.
  • Invite above, below and average students.
  • Ask Questions:

o   What things we use to measure temperature?

o   What do you mean by Thermometer?

o   What two units are used to measure temperature?

  • Ask students to tell the whole lesson summery.

Sum up / Conclusion

Temperature is usually measured in two unit’s i. e. Celsius (0C) and Fahrenheit (0F)

Room temperature can be measured by Alcoholic thermometer.

Body temperature can be measured by mercury thermometer.

The two formulas to convert C0 to F0 and vice versa are as follows: 



  • Once students have done practice as a whole class, now is the time for individual assignment.
  • Give questions and allocate time.
  • Following questions can be given; you may take questions from textbooks as well.
  • Assess individually at the end of the assignment
  • Change Celsius to Fahrenheit:


  • Change Fahrenheit to Celsius:



Follow up

  • Watch the daily news and note temperature of 3 different cities.
  • After a week you will declare the hottest city of 3, you observed.



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