Weak form of ‘Have’ in Contractions

Weak form of ‘Have’ in Contractions

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Pronounce the weak form of have in contractions (short forms)

Information for Teachers

  • Contractions are short form of word of combination of words. To pronounce some words easily and fluently we do not use some letters of that word and join one word the other, in this way that word becomes short. For example, have not-haven`t, is not- isn`t, we have- we`ve,


  • While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also use the textbook where required.


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, charts, worksheets, textbooks


  • Write some short forms of words on the writing board, such as I`m, you`re, we`re, they`ve etc. explain contractions giving and explaining the examples.
  • Speak some sentences with and without contractions and ask the students to point out how they sound different: as;
  1. I have to go.
  2. I`ve to go


Activity 2

Activity 1

  • Tell the students that ‘Have’ is used with (I, you, we and they not with he, she, and it). For example, they have, we have, you have, I have, etc.
  • Ask students to think of two words using ‘have’ that can be contracted in one word, as;
  1. We have – we`ve
  2. Have not – haven`t
  3. They have – they`ve
  4. I have – I`ve
  5. You have – you`ve
  • Pronounce the word correctly and make the students repeat.
  • Divide the students in groups and ask them to use these short forms to make sentences.
  • Ask each group to read out their sentences.
  • Ask the class to make more sentences from each one by changing a verb. For example, one group makes the sentence: ‘I haven`t done my homework, other can make similar sentences such as ‘I haven`t done my exercise’, or ‘I haven`t had my breakfast’.

Activity 2

  • Copy the worksheet on the writing board. Ask the students to note it in their notebooks and write the answers. (Worksheet is given at the end of the lesson plan)



Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask the students to tell in their own words what a contraction is and give some example.
  • Give a sentence using a contraction to the students and ask them to make other similar sentences (as in Activity 1). Do this as a whole class activity.


  • Write the statements given below on the writing board and ask the students to answer these in their notebooks. (Answers are for your reference only when checking the work)
  • Change the underlined words into contractions in the sentences given below:
  1. I have not seen Jamal. (Expected answer as; haven`t seen Jamal)
  2. They have worked well. (Expected answer as; they`ve worked well)
  3. We have played football. (Expected answer as; we`ve played football)
  4. I have done my work. (Expected answer as; I`ve done my work)
  5. You have got to do this work. (Expected answer as; you`ve got to do this work)
  • Involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit / chapter.

Follow up

  • Match the following correctly and pronounce the short forms.







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