Lesson Planning of Writing Skills


Lesson Planning of Writing Skills

Subject English

Grade 5th

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Write multi syllable words with correct spellings.
  • Use the reading texts as models for their own writing.
  • Make sentences by replacing words and phrases in given sentences.
  • Write sentences of their own using correct capitalization, punctuation and spellings.
  • Write with reasonable accuracy some sentence of their-selves on a given topic.
  • Use some strategies to organize ideas for writing such as outline, mind maps etc.
  • Analyze / organize a simple paragraph;
  • A simple paragraph comprises of a group of sentences that develop a single main idea.
  • The main idea of the paragraph is given in the topic sentence.
  • Other sentences in the paragraph support the topic sentences.
  • Use / analyze the appropriate conjunction within a paragraph and between paragraphs.

Information for Teachers

  • A syllable is a unit of sound. Breaking words into syllables and saying them out aloud is a good way to help and spell a word correctly. A single syllable is spoken without breaking the sound into small parts.


  • Brain storming is a creative techniques of generating ideas in which all ideas that come to mind are written.



  • Mind mapping:  A diagram used to represent words and ideas arranged around a key word or idea.



Topic sentence: topic sentences which are usually at the beginning of a paragraph, explain the main idea of the paragraph.


A conjunction is a word which merely joins together sentences and sentence words.


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook, newspaper

Introduction to the topic

Class activity

  • Explain what a syllable is? Write some words on the board breaking them into parts.

Pic + ture                   =    2 syllable

Care + ful + ly           =    3 syllable

Im + pos + si + ble    =    4 syllable


  • Write a list of words and ask the students to break them in syllables

Guided writing (Class activity)

  • Ask students to complete the paragraph below with words from the list.

1.      Tonight

2.      Dry washing

3.      Week ago

4.      Tidy

5.      Alive

6.      Spotless

7.      Ate up

8.      Burgers

9.      Went up

10.  stay

  • Now provide the following paragraph or from the text and ask the student to complete the spaces with the information with words.
  • I can`t come out __________ my mum says I`ve got to _____ and _____ my room. She ______ to my room Saturday morning to get my ______ and found a plate covered with something she thought was _____! It was the remains of the ______ you and I ___ two ____! She wants the place _.

Free Writing (Class activity)

  • Write a topic on the board and provide a list of key words. Ask students to write about the topic using the key words.

Topic: My Country

  • Words that used are can be: Province, plains, forests, mountains, deserts, plateau, regions, seasons, districts, historical places, hills etc.
  • Note: Sentences should be short, properly punctuated and spelled correctly.

Group Activity

Brainstorming, mind mapping

  • Ask students to make a list of all points that they can think of related to any particular given topic.
  • Write all the points on the board forming a rough list e.g. friendly, caring, dearest, helpful, beautiful etc.
  • Ask students to put the points in an order so that it makes an outline for a composition.
  • Ask the students to write a a paragraph following the outline.

Class activity

  • Ask students to pick out 10 conjunctions from a text and use them in their-selves sentences.


  • Take any paragraph and explain the difference between:
  • Sentences that develop the main idea
  • Sentences that support the main idea

Topic: Sea Water

  • Sea water contains many minerals carried there by rivers which flow into the sea. When the sea water evaporates, these minerals remain in the sea and therefore are more concentrated. The most common mineral in sea water is sodium chloride (salt) which makes about 85 % of all the minerals in sea water. As a result, sea water tastes salty.
  • Explain the students:

a)      What is the topic sentence is?

b)      Which sentence explains the main idea?

c)      What support sentence support the main idea?

d)     Where have conjunctions been used to connect two sentences?

Sum up Conclusion

  • Conclude the topic with details how to write a paragraph?


  • Show any picture to the students and ask them to describe ideas that come to their mind. Then ask students to write a simple paragraph on it.




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