Online Education and Growing Issues


Online Education and Growing Issues


The problems of online education are increasing day by day and both teachers and students are taking their place. In a backward country like Pakistan, the standard of online education has not yet reached the level of other developing countries.


This is because of illiteracy and our way of life. Due to which we have not been able to accept it mentally yet and we are facing difficulties. Some of our schools also have policies in which improving the quality of education comes last while the most important goal is to make money. Schools are now developing policies to justify fees to parents. It doesn’t matter if the children are learning or not.


Only those who are going through the ordeal of online education can assess the difficulty that parents are facing.

Schools that run online education attend at 9 a.m. and upload the work of each subject in the name of the homeroom, as well as a link to the classes. Now there is a link to an article and no one has to join the class on the link provided. It is a separate problem that parents have to go through.


The biggest problem with online classes is young children in lower primary and kindergarten that are not yet able to use the system. This puts a lot of pressure on them depending on their age. On the other hand, it is very difficult for parents to raise children because they are not interested. Young children want the attention of their teacher who cannot be found online. Sometimes there is an internet problem. The teacher’s voice disappears. What causes children of this age to be inattentive is not the learning environment they are accustomed to.


Some schools are also offering music and games classes online which nothing but a waste of time is. Instead, school hours should be reduced to make it easier for both parents and children as a child can start at 9 am and can’t even sit until 1:30 for online classes.

After online, there is also an offline class. What happens is that the teacher asks questions through a message. Now how can a child of lower primary school write and answer at a certain time? In English, we still assume that the child may be able to write, but what about Urdu and Islamic questions? Can give answers? No, not at all can give this answer. Now the parents are answering there too. Here is an innocent question of the helpless people from the school children whether the parents are being taught or they are being tested to see how much water they are in. Schools should take into account the age and mental capacity of the child when planning. Think not only of fees but also of parents and children how they will manage at home with 2 or 3 children.


In order to be here, one topic should be taught and then all the children should be included in the discussion on this topic. Then there is a series of questions and answers in which the child is trained to be taught, but the school authorities found an easy way and began to test the parents.

Online classes are from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., so how and when will a woman do the housework, how will she handle the rest of the young children, and how will a working woman take classes for her children? With these online classes, the whole system is in disarray. All the family members are in disarray. And sometimes a day is being celebrated and sometimes parents decorate the house and show it to the online school people so that they can post on social media that we are doing a lot of work.


Art classes are also being taken online. Lower primary, kindergarten children take classes or do artwork. Obviously parents do that too. This is an additional responsibility that has been forced on the shoulders of the parents those are forced to carry. The best solution is to give the work of classes to the lower primary until the school opens. Parents teach the children at home and the work can be submitted to the school on time and then when the school opens. So let this work be repeated. So that the problem of completing the curriculum is also solved and the parents also come in peace. Parents and children are being mentally abused in the name of online education. There is no point in an education that becomes just a compulsion. And the purpose of education and training is lost.




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