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Online Teacher Training is not a substitute for physical Teacher Training at present

Online Teacher Training is not currently a substitute for physical Teacher Training.

Due to the lock-down caused by the Corona Crisis, we have been forced to start something that we were not prepared for before. Online Teacher Training was introduced long ago in most of the developed countries of the world.


For online Teacher Training, we need to encourage teachers and trainers and mentally prepare and train them for the use of technology in education.

Online teacher training is a very good thing, but there are some downsides to it and some obstacles to its implementation.


In our country, online teacher training is not a substitute for physical teacher training at present.


The sudden introduction of online teacher training in educational institutions has aggravated the problems of teachers as the approach to teaching each subject is very different, some people are not very skilled in the use of technology and then they are also not provided training for one line educational training.


Trainers and teachers are also seen complaining about the unavailability of internet, lack of picture and sound.


Due to the crisis of Covid-19, not only in the fields of education and health we have had to turn to the online system but now the importance of the online system has also increased in the business sector.


Now is the time to start online education from our schools, for which the Higher Education Commission has also announced some policies.

Now the world is very open and our education system will take a new shape going forward.


The importance of four-year degree programs will diminish in the future as the need for skilled and professional people has increased significantly.


In the Corona epidemic, where every walk of life has been affected, the education system is also in the grip of this deadly epidemic. Schools and teacher training institute are looking at online education in a professional way as a business that saves more than ‘offline education’. And there is income. School teachers and trainers are at ease because they don’t care about their role in ‘online education’.


They do not have any method of education and training for the children through which mental and psychological attachment can be created with the children. As education has become a dangerous profession in Pakistan and the school owners have their own. The focus is on income, so after the lockdown, when online education was approved, the schools started a series of organized scams. It has been said that if children are not educated online, their future will be ruined.


The first and foremost problem in ‘online teacher training’ is the lack of planning and wisdom. Training institutes did not prepare systematically before launching ‘online training’ and did not think about how ‘online training’ differs from ‘offline teacher training’. They did not have a strong and satisfactory strategy for ‘online teacher training’. Along with the methods of ‘offline teacher training’, a series of ‘online teacher training’ was started at the expense of teachers and the training institutes have no separate plans for ‘online’ teacher training.


They have the same training methods that were in use at the time of teacher’s attendance in schools. Most schools have ‘untrained’ teachers who have no experience in ‘online training’ and have no concern about it. It doesn’t matter that the ‘Present Method of teacher training’ can never be a substitute for the ‘Online Method of teachers training’. All they have to do is send the teacher textbooks that they can read. , Stories, and other things to keep in mind. While the teacher watches all these videos for mental entertainment and not for the purpose of ‘effective learning’.

Certified or Competent Educator:


Online teacher training will definitely make teacher certified but not competent educator. If we talk about teachers who are working in primary schools, they are much more mentally disturbed than other teachers. They are somehow taking the exam but they are not getting the freedom to show the essence according to their abilities. If so, how can PST teachers accept this method of teacher training?


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