(Active Voice)

Past Indefinite Tense is used to denote an action completed in the past or a past habit.

This tense is used:

    • To describe any action, done in the past.
      • The hunter killed two lions.
      • I received her letter yesterday.
    • To describe some habitual action of past.
      • I took exercise daily.
      • I used to take
    • To describe the work, which was continued in the past?
      • He worked while I played,
    • In the conditional sentences.
      • If you had worked hard, you would have passed the examination.
    • Would/used to (for habitual past or past habit)
      • He would (used to) bath in the river every day.
      • Ali would (used to) play cricket every afternoon.
    • To stress on any action put did after subject.
      • He did speak the truth.
    • The word (used to) use as verb after subject+ 1st form of verb as;
      • They used to play
      • They did not use to play together
      • Did they use to play together?

Affirmative Sentences

Subject + 2nd form of verb + Object

    • They built the house last year.
    • She tore a piece of paper from the note-book.
    • He went to school on foot.
    • You broke the glass.
    • I learnt my lesson.
    • They helped you.
    • We bought a book.

Interrogative Sentences

Subject + did not + 1st form of verb + Object

    • Did you do that?
    • Did he learn his lesson?
    • Did the peon ring the bell?
    • Did she give you my pen last evening?
    • Did they play in the last match?

Negative Sentences

Subject + did not + 1st form of verb + Object

    • She did not attend the meeting last night.
    • The children did not take tea in the morning.
    • You did not catch the ball.
    • I did not take.
    • We did not beat.
    • They did not work.
    • Stamina did not cook.

Interrogative & Negative Sentences

Did + Subject + not + 1st form of verb + Object +?

    • Did I not give you a book?
    • Did you not pluck a flower?
    • Did Hamid not buy a book?
    • Did he not obey his parents?
    • Did people not protest against this law?
Affirmative Sentences Interrogative Sentences Negative Sentences
He went to school.

You solved the question.

I bought a camera.

We crossed the river.

They stopped the car.

They gave us a gift.

People caught the thief.

Did he go to school?

Did you solve the question?

Did I buy a camera?

Did we cross the river?

Did they stop the car?

Did they give us a gift?

Did people catch the thief?

He did not go to school.

You did not solve the question.

I did not buy a camera.

We did not cross the river.

They did not stop the car.

They did not give us the car.

People did not catch the thief


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