Role of Head Teacher in School Reforms

Role of Head Teacher in CM’s School Reforms Road Map

As you can see from the indicators, head teachers influence most of outputs of the Roadmap. Head teachers are responsible for meeting the district targets for the indicators they directly influence. Below is a list of indicators where the contribution of the head teacher is vital along with best practices that effective head teachers perform to ensure progress on the respective indicator.
What do effective head teachers do?
Achievement in PEC Examination
1.        Mathematics
2.        English
3.        Urdu
4.        Science
·         Encourage teachers to design and conduct weekly assessment for students based on SLOs
·         Review the design and conduct of weekly assessments
·         Monitor results of weekly assessment to identify areas for improvement
·         Continuously improve student learning by focusing on weak areas
Teacher presence
·         Continuously assert the importance of teacher presence in staff meetings
·         Monitor attendance of each teacher and praise the most regular teachers in assembly
·         Hold late comers and absent teachers accountable
Teacher guide presence and use
·         Report to DTEs if teacher guides are not available
·         Continuously assert the importance of using teachers guides to teacher
·         Display on chart the Taleemi calendar in each classroom and ensure teachers follow it
·         Review teacher diaries weekly to check use of teacher guides
Student Attendance
·         Create an attractive atmosphere in school including:
1.        Good teaching quality
2.       Extra curriculum activities (e.g. Sports)
3.        No corporal punishments
·          Follow up with parents of habitually absent students in parent teacher meetings
Enrolment and Retention
·         Improve quality of teaching
·         Improve facilities and outlook of classes
·         Conduct door to door campaign for enrolment with teacher
·         Contact mosque imams to create awareness about improvements
·         Use School Council meetings to engage community in efforts to increase enrolment
·         Hold monthly parent teacher meetings to strengthen relationship with parents
·         Increase access of students to teachers and head teachers
Functioning of Facilities
·         Consult DEOs or peer head teachers to fully understand codal formalities with respect to spending of funds
·         Ensure available funds(FTF, NSB and SC funds) are fully utilized on non-functional facilities
School Cleanliness
·         Emphasize the importance of cleanliness through use of posters in schools
·         Set example for others by throwing litter in the dustbin through self-act
Non-teaching Staff presence
·         Behave politely with non-teaching staff and encourage them to attend regularly
Curtailing illegal fees
·         Appoint a student in each class to report any incidence of illegal fee collection by teachers(in any form)
Progress of up-gradation of Schools
·         Submit timely report to EDO once student strength reaches the level required for up-gradation
Progress of Missing Facilities
·         Ensure Farough-e-Taleem , NSB and School Council funds are fully utilized for minor expenditures
·         Send timely report to EDO for missing facilities requiring major expenditure


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