Roles and Responsibilities of Head Teacher

                      Roles and Responsibilities of Head Teacher as Quality Teaching

Quality Teaching is about the values and roles adopted by the teacher to have strong impact on student’s learning and achievements.


The head teacher will be able to:
·         Understand the nature of quality teaching and its ingredients
·         Help teachers in developing quality teaching

   Quality Teaching

    Quality teaching enables students to:


·         Learn in enjoyable way
·         Learn what they think is important (motivational factor)
·         Understand what they have learned
·         Use what they have learned

  Ingredients of Quality Teaching


·         Preparation of lesson plan
·         Activity based teaching
·         Active participation of students
·         Effective questioning techniques
·         Well mentored group work
·         Effective group and pair discussion.
·         Encouraging research work.

Evaluation of Quality Teaching through Student’s Learning

All schools conduct assessments on the completion of certain units followed by annual.
Examination to assess the learning of the students, These assessments are a reflection of teaching in the classroom.

                                     Head Teacher’s Activities                                      Frequency

1: Lesson Study

·         Discuss what teachers will teach
·         Ask teachers to meet to discuss lessons they will conduct

2: Lesson Preparation

·         Encourage teachers to prepare lesson plan
·         Ask teachers to make their lesson plans interactive
·         Encourage them to use support material (low/no cost)
·         Guide/support teachers who are having difficulty to make their lesson plans.
Note: Head teacher must share with the teachers what they have to do and how they will be observed.
Monitor Weekly

3. in School Training Session

         *   Decide date and topic for the school training session
         * Prepare session plan and conduct training
         * Develop an environment of learning from each other. Few sessions will be conducted by the school head teacher and few by English teachers. It can be one hour session every fortnight / or on weekly basis.
          * Keep the training record in the following format
   Day/Date                     Topic                  Expected                  Trainer/
                                                                 Learning                    Resource
                                                                Outcomes                  Person




Every Summer Vacation

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