Head Teachers

                              Roles and Responsibility of Head Teachers

For Primary, Elementary and Secondary into the overall Education Delivery System in School



The Head Teacher will be able to:
·         Understand different methods for execution of role and responsibilities of a Head Teacher
·         Understand the effects of good school management on students’ learning.
·         Relate fulfilling roles and responsibilities to the overall school improvement plan
·         Develop a job description using a sample to help them organize their role & responsibilities

                               Role of Head Teacher


The head of the school is effective only if he/she considers himself/herself as both, a manager and a leader. Both roles embody different functions:
                                                     A)     As a Manager                                                                                                                                      Planning
·         Planning long term acquisition of teaching and learning, human and physical resources (including finances)
·         Preparing school syllabi, scheme of studies, timetables, schedules of the school council (SC), parent – teacher & staff meetings and schedule of activities in advance

     Planning process


·         Set your Objectives
·         Gather Relevant Information
·         Develop an appropriate Plan
·         Implement the plan
·         Update the Plan


·         Preparing job descriptions and assigning duties to teaching and non- teaching staff
·         Arranging for the appointment of the new staff , the selection and appointment of all staff and students for different responsibilities for special occasions,, celebrations etc.
·         Arranging games and other co-curricular activities.


·         Conducting induction program for new teachers
·         Arranging orientation for pupils and parents
·         Holding formal and informal discussions with the individuals and groups, including staff and students about all aspects of school life


·         Ensuring that classes are held and that pupils’ work is marked and checked
·         Checking the scheme of work and lesson plans of the teachers
·         Ensuring presence and punctuality of both staff and pupils
·         Conducting a full and fair appraisal of all staff, including observation, discussions and written reports
·         Taking stock and physical checking of the stores, equipment and furniture of the school


·         Preparing annual report of the school
·         Analyzing examination results
·         Reviewing the performance of the school in all in-class and out – of –class activities

                             B)  As an Instructional Leader




·         Developing the vision of the school in view of emerging needs and changes in education
·         Setting clear objectives to achieve long term goals
·         Sharing the vision of the school with the staff and students

                           Motivating and supporting

·         Displaying exemplary qualities to motivate and inspire others
·         Expressing acceptance of personal proposals and contributions
·         Celebrating group achievement, even minor ones
·         Appreciating the team members, where it is due


·         Mentoring and training staff in the requisite skills and attitude to help them accomplish the personal as well as organizational goals
·         Preparing future leaders by delegating and empowering them
Some selected paras from “The Punjab education Code” have been included
Classroom Area
Give detail of the classroom areas and rooms that should be available according to class level
Repair and Maintenance
It shall be duty of the management to maintain the building of an institution in state of proper repair.
Furniture and Equipment
Responsibility to provide necessary furniture and equipment to the institutions rests with their respective management.
General Duties of Head of an Institution
The head of institution shall be responsible for its proper administration and management. He / she shall maintain discipline among staff and students and organize and supervise the instruction. Head teacher will participate in the teaching work, regularly arrange the games and other co – curricular activities, ensure that all registers are regularly and accurately maintained, keep a proper account of all money entrusted to him/her and see that  the same are utilized in accordance with the prescribed rules, generously promote the physical, intellectual, religious, social and moral welfare of the students under his/her charge. Head of institution shall take at least six periods a week.
Institutional Fund
All approved funds notified by the department from time to time, other than fees shall be managed by the head of the institution who will be personally responsibale to expend the same in strict conformity appertains and to maintain a proper record of all the transactions of the fund.
Attendance of the school Teachers
The attendance of teachers shall be recorded regularly and punctually in a register kept for the purpose. Teachers may not leave the institution during working hours without the permission of the head of the institution.
Co-curricular Activities
All members of staff shall take part in such activities, which relate to the physical intellectual,social and moral development of the students.
Class Time table
A class timetable showing the routine work  for each week day shall be displayed in each classroom and a general timetable showing the work of all the teachers and classes in the head of the institution’s room and in the staff room
Grant of leave
Leave of absence from school may be granted only by the Head Master/Head Mistress on a written application signed by the parent or guardian.
One student in each class shall be selected by the head teacher to act as a monitor and definite duties shall be assigned to him/her.
No. of Students in a class
The number of students in a class or section will not ordinarily exceed 40.
Age limit
The minimum age for admission to class nursery shall be 3-5 years
Register, to be maintained
The following register shall be maintained in every institution. 
1.          Cash Register
2.       Stock Register
3.       Admission and Withdrawal Register
4.       Property Register
5.       Income and expenditure Register
6.       Correspondence Register
7.       Examination Register and Accumulative form
8.       Teachers’ Attendance Register
9.       Log Book (For school Only)
Morning Assembly and Prayer
Every institution shall hold an assembly prior to the commencement of teaching work. The national flage shall be hoisted, verses from The Holy Quran recited and the National Anthem sung in chorus by the teachers and the students. Arrangement for prayers shall be made in the institution.
Liability to Inspection
Every institution and its record shall be open to inspection by the authorized officers of the Department. Every institution must be inspected once a year and inspection report must be submitted to the higher authorities


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