School Safety Plan

School Safety Plan and School Emergency Response Team

School Emergency Response Team plays very important role in School Evacuation Plan.This team perform different functions / tasks before, during and after a disaster. SERT (School Emergency Response Team) works under the chairmanship / team leader of the most alert, agile and active student of the school. A deputy team leader assists the team leader, team leader and group leader gather at a pre-determined “Staging Area” and convene a meeting for implementation of prepared plan. The meeting should not last more than two minutes. All four groups take charge of their assigned responsibilities.

Group and Their Responsibilities:


All these four groups discharge different responsibilities before, during and after a disaster. In a School Evacuation Plan.

      Information Group:

·         Will ask school members stay at a safe place.
·         Will promptly inform team leader about the need and loss/ damage
·         Will prepare a Need Assessment of loss/damage and needs with the cooperation of school Administration and Logistic group.
·         Will prepare a list of injured and dead people with the cooperation of First Aid Group

           Search and Rescue Group:


·         Will access the rescue tool kit on a specific place on the instructions of team leader and dead people’s evacuation and will shift injured people to safe shelters.
·         Will start search and rescue operation which includes the search of missing, buried people and dead people’s evacuation and will shift injured people to safe shelters.
·         Will cooperate with First Aid group.
·         Will arrange a mass gathering with the help of school Administration and Logistic Group.
·         Will shift injured members to nearby medical centers.

      First Aid Group:


·         Will cooperate with Search and Rescue Group in safe evacuation of affected people to safe places/shelters.
·         Will specify a Triage Area in which the status of injured people according to the of their injures in green, yellow and red colors will be indicated.
·         Will provide first aid
·         Will help in shifting injured people to nearby medical facilities.
·         Will take measures to identify the injured people and dead ones with the cooperation of information Group. For example: it will hang cards with collars or pockets bearing name, parentage and address etc.

     Administration and Logistic Group:

·         Will cooperate with Information Group for urgent Need Assessment.
·         Will arrange safe heavens/shelters where affected and rescued people may stay.
·         Will maintain record of rescued and affected people and will inform Search and Rescue Group about missing people.
·         Will make proper arrangements of gathering with the cooperation of Search and Rescue Group.

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