School Timetable


School Timetable


  • Timeline is a method in which resources are managed to give students as many educational opportunities and alternatives as possible in the most economical way. Making a timeline is the method by which the curriculum is brought to the students. School principals have a variety of resources available – teachers, teaching space, finances and time.

School Timetable

  • A timetable is a tool in which these resources are organized to give students as many educational opportunities and alternatives as possible in the most economical way. In the developing world, the emphasis on cost-effectiveness cannot be overstated. The more effectively the resources used, the better the education for more children. The results stated in the timetable affect the entire school population and reflect the school’s curriculum and philosophy.

Case Study:

  • Mr. Ghori, head of a primary school once visited the classes of his school, and found that class ii was without teacher. When he checked the timetable, he found that Mr. Zubair was allocated the period in class ii at that time. When the head teacher inquired from Mr. Zubair about his absence in class ii, he told that he was taking period of English in class v at that time, which had been allocated to him in that class by the timetable in charge. The head teacher also revealed that two classes were concurrently having their games period in the school ground. Neither of the classes (class 1 and Class v) could play since the junior students were being pursued and had little space to play. Mr Ghori reviewed the timetable and removed the discrepancies present in the timetable.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The Headmaster will be able to:
  • Have a basic understanding of timeline construction.
  • Appreciate the timeline as a better training tool.
  • Understand the limits and limitations of the timeline.
  • Follow the time allocation set by the SED.

 Know that you must:

  • Take full advantage of all areas of teaching and specialization in the school.
  • Ensure that the workload of all teachers is in line with the requirements of the education department.
  • Allow immediate change to meet emergencies.
  • The School Timetable is a schedule for coordinating the following elements:
  1. Students
  2. Teacher
  3. Room
  4. Time zone (also called period)
  5. Topic
  6. subjects

Sample Timetable for Basic Classes:

 Frequency of Head Teacher Activities

Head Teacher`s Activities                                                                        Frequency

Check class-wise timetable

At the beginning of the Academic Year.


Check teacher –wise timetable

At the beginning of the Academic Year.


Ensure preparation of substitute timetable.

Every day in the morning.

Check /ensure that each teacher reaches in class on time.

Every day in every period

Constraints in Timeline Design:

  • Here are some factors that will limit freedom in preparing school schedules:
  1. Time
  2. Teacher Presence
  3. School building
  4. Lack of Physical Facilities
  5. Commitment to the Timeline
  6. Limit teacher responsibilities
  • The instruction of the competent authority is followed by the Process of teaching learning through a timetable.
  • Classes, if any, are settled peacefully and fairly between the teaching time of each teacher.

School Schedule

  • School opening and closing times are determined by the school education department.
  • The schooling period determined by the department is as follows:


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