Simple Instruction in Classroom

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Simple Instruction in Classroom

Here are some common instructions which the class can easily understand:

                                              ·         Come in
                                               ·         Go out


·         Stand up
·         Sit down
·         Come to the front of the class
·         Stand by your desk
·         Put your hands up
·         Put your hands down
·         Hold your books/pens up
·         Show me your pencil

  A number of instructions can be used at the beginning of a session:

·         Pay attention, everybody
·         You need pencils/rulers
·         We’ll learn how to……
·         Are you ready?
·         Open your books at page…..
·         Turn to page…..
·         Look at activity five
·         Listen to this tape
·         Repeat after me
·         Again, please
·         Everybody…..
·         You have five minutes to do this
·         Who’s next?
·         Like this, not like that

A number of instructions can be used at the end of a session:

·         It’s time to finish
·         Have you finished
·         Let’s stop now
·         Stop now
·         Let’s check the answers
·         Any questions?
·         Collect your work please
·         Pack up your books
·         Are your desks tidy?
·         Don’t forget to bring your…….tomorrow

Instructions can also be sequenced:

·         First
·         Next
·         After that
·         Then
·        Finally

Comprehension language:

·         Are you ready?
·         Are you with me?
·         Are you ok?
·         Ok so far?
·         Do you get it?
·         Do you understand?
·         Do you follow me?
·         What did you say?
·         One more time, please
·         Say it again, please
·         I don’t understand
·         I don’t get it
·         Like this?
·         Is this ok?

Here are some common situations when English can be used:

·         Make groups of four
·         Move your desks into groups of four people
·         Turn your desks around
·         Make a horseshoe shape with your desks
·         Make circle with your desks
·         Make a line of desks facing each other
·         Make groups of four desks facing each other
·         Sit back to back
·         Work together with your friend
·         Find a partner
·         Work in pairs/threes/fours/fives
·         I want you to form groups
·         From group of three
·         Here are some tasks for you to work
·         There are too many in this group
·         Can you join the other group?
·         Only three people in each group
·         I asked for four people to a group
·         Every body works individually
·         Work by yourselves
·         Work independently
·         Ask your neighbor for help
·         Work on the task together
·         Ask other people in the group
·         Ask others in the class
·         Interview someone else
·         Ask everyone  in the class
·         Stand up and find another partner
·         Have you finished?
·         Do the next activity
·         Move on to the next activity

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