Social institutions as Agencies of Social Control

Social institutions as Agencies of Social Control

Social institutions fulfill various social needs of the people they create social structure on which the society stands. They are interrelated in such a way that one depends upon others. This condition of interdependence makes a network among them. This relationship is based on social and cultural norms of the society. It means the institution is the bonds of relationship among individuals and groups. But these relationships are based on social norms. It is deduces that by the normative relations among people the institutions are created and normative relations among institutions among institutions shape society. Hence norms are the basic elements in the structure of social institutions.
Among the aims of institutions one is to create social control. This function is performed in the following ways.

1.      By socialization:  The institutions have their respective social norms. The people who share an institution learn its norms and then become able to function as its members. 

T    The institution in this way trains its members according to its norms. This is the socializing function of an institution. This socialization shapes the behavior of the people in patterns. These patterns of behavior are according to the norms of the social institutions. These patterns of behavior are social and cultural in nature. It means the people following these patterns are the followers of social norms. Therefore, the people remain in control and order of the society. Hence the social institutions create social control by their socializing function.
1.        By need satisfaction: the institutions fulfill social needs of the people. The people live in institutions, the whole life.
Social institutions as Agencies of Social Control


2.       By social sanctions:  the institutions award certificate, uniforms promotion, and prize and praises those who follow their norms.
Social institutions as Agencies of Social Control

  By integration: : the social institution is interdependent upon one another in such a way that they create a network of social relationship among themselves. This binding force creates unity, cooperation, assimilation and social solidarity among them. And this is the real force of social control created by the relationship of institutions



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