Superstitions in our society




Superstition?  Who can define the boundary line between the superstition of yesterday and the scientific  fact of tomorrow?
“Superstition” means unreasonable belief or practice resulting from ignorance or fear of the unknown. 
 An irrational belief arising from suspicion or fear. When people believe that hidden powers can bring about changes in nature and society, they are superstitious. Superstitions are in fact based on belief in the power of magic and invisible forces as spirits and devils (Jins). It is strange that even in the new millennium there are people who believe that spirits and ghosts can bring about changes in nature and in our lives. such people are commonly found in the villages and small towns of the third-world countries like ours. The common sight of illiterate or semi- literate people approaching “pirs” and “fakirs” for having wonder done is enough to prove how much superstitions have a hold on us
Strange superstitions exist in the minds of our uneducated and semi-educated village and town folk.  In connection with charms, talismans and food and animal or bird parts, They result in tragedy at times. A report narrates that some housewife mixed the owl’s tongue and charms with the food of her husband to bring him to destruction. When was carrying on affairs with other men. This very woman divided a loaf of bread in to several parts each morning wrote magic figures in them and threw them to mad dog. The results of these superstitions exercises shocked everyone when she lost her mental balance and threw herself before a running train.

On the whole the West has given up lots of harmful superstitions like the ones connected with charms, talismas and shrines.  It is because of education and mental training of the masses (common peoples). It is high time the people woke up to the realities of life and possibilities of success that demand a scientific attitude and understanding.

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