Teacher Appraisal


Teacher Appraisal


Teacher Appraisal

Appraisal is a tool of studying teacher performance, through the use of certain techniques and procedures. Appraisal can help the school to accomplish its mission of maintaining or improving what it provides, while at the same time maintain or enhance staff satisfaction and professional development. In addition, appraisal assists teachers to perform more effectively in their organization.  

Teacher Appraisal Teacher Appraisal

Learning outcomes

·        The head teacher will be able to:

o   Understand the role of appraisal

o   Adopt the concept of appraisal in their schools

o   Apply appraisal techniques to enhance the performance of teachers Teacher Appraisal

Teacher Appraisal Classroom Observation ChecklistTeacher Appraisal FormTeacher Appraisal Form

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