Teacher Education and Training


The Importance of Teacher Education and Training 

  • The best teachers guarantee a developed and conscious nation. In every sphere of life, the responsibility of basic education and training is placed on the teacher to meet the growing need of the staff. It is said that a child’s first school is the mother’s lap where he learns to harmonize the names of different objects. But later in life he needs people who go through different stages of education and training to teach him to step into practical life. Not all parents have the time and skills to engage their children in the race for rapid development.
  • So they need the services of teachers. With the passage of time, there is an increase in the stages of teaching and a constant change in the methodology. When they graduate, they become fully aware of the art of educating children and adults of different ages. There are so many types it’s hard to say. 

Personal characteristics

  • Like any other profession, those who come to teaching must have certain qualities. Those who enter the teaching profession must first be completely satisfied with their physical and mental level that it is above the average level. People who do not have the ability to understand people, objects, and rules cannot be more successful in teaching. Love and fellowship with human beings, patience and mastering the art of communication are essential for making a person a good teacher. It is necessary for the teacher to awaken the spirit of self-sacrifice in it.
  • Teachers usually interact with children and young people, so it is more useful for them to be present-minded and responsive, well-dressed, well-mannered and in some cases humorous. Humor, events and storytelling make the work of a madrasa easier to use in the context of a palace, and above all, the constant search for knowledge, the habit of hard work and devotion to one’s work are the keys to the success of a madrasa.
  • The more talents a person has, the more successful a teacher will be. People involved in teaching have to guide their students in a gentle and polite manner with constant attention, constant attention and self-sacrifice. Therefore, this field is more suitable for women than men. More positive results can be achieved if the entire system of primary education is handed over to healthy, intelligent and hardworking women.
  • Just as a doctor must have a degree in business to operate, an engineer must have a degree in business administration to run a business or work in a company, so a teacher must be an expert in teaching his future architects as well as his subject. Must be There is no doubt that there are many shortcomings in teacher education which need to be rectified but if anyone wants to become a teacher, he should have at least a degree in teacher education. Ed or M. Ed must be.
  • My point can be refuted by many examples in our education system as there are many educational institutions where teachers are teaching very well even without a degree in teacher education. But as a student of education, I understand this. The teacher should not only have complete mastery of his course but also know how to teach the course, what teaching methods to use and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using these methods. An expert teacher in his course will complete the children’s syllabus quickly but we cannot estimate what the child has learned in this hurry. This is what is happening in the schools and academies around us nowadays which is the biggest reason. Teachers are ignorant of teaching methods.
  • The word teacher has a very broad meaning. The teacher’s responsibility is not just to go to school and teach the children by looking at books, but a teacher should know what resources he has and how to use those resources. Today’s teacher should be able to use modern technology and teach in the absence of any facility. A good teacher is one who is aware of the effects of changes in teaching methods on the quality of children’s learning. In addition, it is very important for the teacher to understand the psychology of children, the teacher should know that the child’s attention. How can the lesson be focused or what are the reasons why the child is not interested in the lesson?
  • Through the guidance and counseling of the teacher, the confidence of the child who is considered incompetent can be restored and he can be included in the ranks of capable children. A teacher should be aware of the system from paper making to marking so that he is able to better evaluate performance. It can be said here that there is a separate institute for preparation or checking of papers but in addition to annual papers there are also daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tests so a teacher should be qualified enough to take that class. Based on the tests I take, check how much the students have learned and how much room for improvement.
  • For standard teaching, it is necessary for the teacher to have access to philosophy of education and knowledge of history, otherwise he will have to study the subjects of literature, science or mathematics, but nothing can be said about whether the children understand these subjects or not. Our country does not have the resources to create separate departments for counseling, classroom management and examinations, so if the teacher himself prepares the papers and performs the teaching duties, he will be able to better understand his students and where there will be shortcomings and he will be able to remove them himself.


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