The Role of Teachers in Education

The Role of Teachers in Education and Training

  • The word “teacher” is a combination of four words, but it is running the whole society within itself. In this one personality lies the decline and development of society. These amazing inventions and the changes you see in the new world all revolve around this one person. The teacher is a leader. According to an architect, a great responsibility has been placed on the shoulders of the teacher by Allah. The position given to the “teacher” in our religion of Islam has hardly been given to him in any other religion.
  • There is no denying the importance of reading and teaching in a religion that begins with the word Iqra. He used to teach how to face new challenges in this world. Due to this knowledge, man got a place which even the angels did not get. The angels prostrated before Adam (peace be upon him).
  • “What man has gained from knowledge?Even the angels did not find that foundation”
  • Without knowledge, the world would be dark. People still live in caves and live an ancient way of life. Knowledge cannot be learned without a teacher. Knowledge is the light of the Lord for which Allah chooses His special servants. The prophets are special servants of the Lord and these special servants again put this responsibility on human beings.
  • Blessed is the hadith. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Allah and His angels, all the creatures of the heavens and the earth, the ants that live in the burrows, the fish that live in the water, pray for the person who teaches goodness to people. (Tirmidhi) Elsewhere it is stated:
  • “The best charity is for a person to learn knowledge and teach his Muslim brother”.
  • (Ibn Majah)
  • Now let us think of a religion in which the teacher has a position that is higher than any other position.
  • The tragedy of our society is that teachers today take up this profession out of compulsion and feel inferior. When no one else can make a place in life, they adopt it, which is a gross injustice. The architects of the educated nations in whose hands the children bring such a clear plaque that whatever he writes on it will be imprinted on their minds.
  • The way an architect brings clay from somewhere, sifts it, cracks it and then kneads it into any shape he wants. The teacher can adapt his students to whatever they want.
  • If a teacher wants, he can take the society to the stage of development that this society needs. History bears witness to how the great teachers of the world took their students from where they were. A good teacher not only teaches textbooks to the child but also develops many skills in addition to the curriculum in the children due to his creativity and study. He is responsible for training her spiritually, psychologically, morally, socially and in all aspects.
  • All this is possible only when the teacher’s own character is a mirror of the thing that contains all these qualities that were present inside our master, the Prophet (peace is upon him), because he is the greatest teacher in the world. We cannot be like them, but their lives are a beacon for us to follow so that a teacher can correct himself and guide his students. Without character, knowledge is the luxury of the mind and hypocrisy of the heart, and if the virtues of action are not created, then the tree of knowledge is fruitless and useless. They should be a role model for the student. Education should be credible because of merit and nobility and morality.
  • The personality of the teacher directly affects the personality of the child. He touches their hearts. A good teacher is one who teaches children according to Islam. According to Islam, standard education is that which results in one’s self-knowledge and knowledge of God, otherwise education will not be able to change it. He will become a good doctor, engineer, lawyer, scientist or whatever, but a good man will not be able to become an active member of society and will not succeed in the world to come.
  • Allama Iqbal used to describe his youth as a falcon who lives on the tops of mountains instead of luxuries. He, who does not eat the dead prey, eats his prey which is a brave and courageous bird

No, your abode is on the dome of Qaisar Sultani

So Shaheen is roosting on the rocks of the mountains

  • The teacher should teach his students in such a way that they can distinguish between good and bad. Meet the world’s new challenges. Improve your character; be self-aware and God-knowing so that they can succeed in both worlds.
  • The teacher should guide them that this world is a testing ground and how to pass this test. Unfortunately, if we look at our current system today, we do not see such education anywhere; neither with respectable teachers nor influential curriculum, but our education system is based on the imitation of Western countries.
  • In the present system, education has become a business which has severely damaged the position of the teacher. The teacher’s personality no longer holds the place it once held for students. Our history is full of references such as; where the children of Caliph Harun al-Rashid used to run to pick up the shoes of their respected teacher.
  • Today, most educators, academically, morally, and spiritually, it doesn’t look like that anywhere. The economic congestion of the society carrying the burden of degrees, those who were supposed to teach the truth, have themselves become the followers of the present age, and instead of teaching the distinction between good and evil, self-knowledge and theology, they are tools of society’s factories. Are making
  • If we do not pay our dues, this society will never be able to develop, but in the same way, only corrupt, dishonest, social exploiters, violators of the honor of mothers and sisters will be ready here and the teacher will answer before Allah on the Day of Judgment. It will be said that Allah will question them. If you had inherited, did you fulfill those duties? So what will the teachers answer?
  • May Allah make us all follow the teachings of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)? Amen



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