The Teaching of English Grammar

The Teaching of English Grammar
What is Grammar?
It is the anatomy or practical analysis of a language.
It is frame of spoken & written shape of any language.
Teaching of English Grammar 1
It classifies a language under different categories and formulates a few general laws and principles of usage for the guidance of the learner.
It is scientific inquiry into the structure of a language.
It is map of language
Set of rules governing the correction and standard of written or spoken language.
Grammar is the objective and systematic study of the elements (phoneme, morpheme and word) and of the mechanisms and process of formation, construction and expression constituting a natural language, written or spoken, in particular through the study of morphology and syntax and excluding phonology.
A grammar is also aims to specify the conditions for correct use of a language, whether spoken or written.
The concept of grammar suggests the exercise of a language and is associated with that of norms characterized various ways of speaking and writing format. An idioms is subject to no rules and no laws, is an independent entity based on the authority of tradition or current usage.
But grammar “presents the facts of language arranged under certain categories and deals with what can be brought under general laws, and stated in the form of general rules”. Thus grammar establishes the laws of language and organizes them under specific headings such as the different parts of speech and their specific functions.
Grammar is a study of language by experts, made in order to establish the rules and values which underline the accurate speech and writing, rules & values which are followed more or less automatically or impulsively by the native speakers.
It presents the facts of a language under certain categories, and deals only with those which can be brought under general laws and stated in the form of general rules.

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