Timetabling in the Multi-Grade Classroom

        Timetabling in the Multi-Grade Classroom

         Key words:

The following were taken into consideration to cover all possibilities:
·         When a teacher is teaching more than one subject.
·         When a teacher is teaching more than one grade.
·         When a teacher is teaching more than one phase.
·         When a school has to release more than two teachers.
·         When a school is a General Stream School.
·         When period duration is 60 minutes, 45 minutes and 30 minutes.
The multi-grade block timetable operates much the same as it would be in a traditional class. Subjects or thematic time is planned for the whole class, however within that time groups will be completing different activities.
In the multi-grade classroom working with a number of grades and in block thematic teaching situations, you have to be a little flexible in your time allowance. Some grade levels require more time per subject than others, but if you average the time and take into account the subjects integration with others. You will find that you are adequately covering the recommended times for each subject.

                                         Some Important Factors

·         Program language and math activities in the morning where possible, when the students are fresh and their concentration is better.
·         Your timetable should be planned to make sure that you are able to give the maximum amount of attention to the different groups in your classroom and that you are able to teach all the necessary subjects.
·         Some subjects may be taught to the whole class, others may be taught in groups and your timetable should take account of this.
·         Your timetable should be displayed clearly and be familiar to the students.
·         Make sure your balance your teaching time equally, so sufficient attention is given to all students.
·         Consider the maturity and attention span of the students. Young students need to change their activities frequently, so their lesson must be shorter. They need more physical activity too, both inside and outside the classroom.

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