Different Types of Verbs



Subject English

Grade VIII

  • A verb is a word used for saying something about some person or thing.
  • A verb is a word that tells or asserts something about a person or thing.
  • A verb is a word that denotes being, having or doing something.
  • Verbs are words which express action, existence or condition.
  • A verb may tell us about an action, a state of being or existence or possession.
  • A verb may tell us—
  • What a person or thing is: as;
  1. Mr Ali is a teacher.
  2. The cow is brown.
  3. Her shirt is white.
  • What a person or thing has: as;
  1. Manila has a pet dog.
  2. A chair has four legs.
  3. Some of the buried workers are still alive.
  4. This old car is on its last legs.
  • What a person or thing does: as;
  1. Latif kicks a football.
  2. The clock strikes ten.
  3. They danced till three in the morning.
  4. They washed the room in the evening.
  • Other words indicate a condition: as;
  1. Nadia is miserable after losing her dog.
  2. The new car looks beautiful.
  • Some verbs may be used without any helping verbs before them: as;
  1. The baby sleeps.
  2. Birds fly.
  3. Boys play.
  • Verbs, such as sleep, fly, play, etc. are called /main’ verbs
  • Sometimes the ‘main’ verbs take another kind of verb before them: as;
  1. The bay may sleep for one hour more.
  2. Birds can fly high in the sky.
  3. Boys will play football after 4 p.m.
  • Verbs, such as May, can, will etc., are called auxiliary or helping verbs. Auxiliary verbs give a special meaning to the main verbs they go with.
  • Thus, there are two classes of verbs in English: as;
  • Auxiliaries: may, can, will, have, must etc.
  • Ordinary verbs: run, sleep, fly, play, etc.

Kinds of Verbs

  • Verbs are classified in four different ways: as;


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