Which Education System is better, private or public?

Which education system is better, private or public?

It is now recognized worldwide that education is the birthright of every child. In developed countries, this awareness has existed for decades, so education systems have been in place for a long time and the state plays a major role in them.

Which Education System is better, private or public?
When the state felt the need, it made some rules for the performance of private and public educational institutions, so there is no contradiction between private and public educational institutions in the education system.

Due to the demands of equality and social justice, the quality of public schools is high and the majority of children are educated there.

On the contrary, the situation is different in the underdeveloped countries. All these countries were caught in the trap of colonialism and did not have the right to take decisions in their own affairs. As a result, their educational systems also remained backward.

Which Education System is better, private or public?
When they became independent, they got the right to make policies regarding their education system. Because governments did not have enough resources to open enough public schools to educate all children, many children were left without basic education.

Sad story of language in education system of Pakistan
Gradually changes started to take place in these countries and the leaders who had human compassion in their hearts and understood the requirements of democracy, knew the importance of education for the development of the nation.

Therefore, they devoted their resources to the improvement of the education system and gradually started to progress.

He also increased the number of public schools and raised their quality. At the same time, good private institutions started opening there, with high fees and only children from privileged families were getting education there, but the governments continued their work.
Which Education System is better, private or public?
In this way, the acquisition of education did not become a rare commodity for the common people.

In 1947, when Pakistan came into existence, due to lack of resources, the rulers could not do much more than lip service to improve the education system. There was only a modest increase and no significant progress could be made in this sector.

This resulted in a huge gap in the education field, which private schools tried to fill on their own. Various types of private schools were opened, in which the quality of education was commensurate with the fees there.

On the other hand, the government began to be criminally negligent in its duties, due to which the quality of education deteriorated drastically.

In 1972, the sudden government announced that all private schools in the country would be taken over by the government, except for a few elite schools. The logic of this announcement has not been understood by anyone till date because the government did not have the ability to run its own schools and in that case how could it bear the burden of all the educational institutions?

Pakistan, lack of equal educational opportunities and the tragedy of poor children

This was a very irresponsible step, which blew the charts of the education system in Pakistan. Although the government changed its decision in the 1980s and allowed schools to be established in the private sector, we are still suffering the consequences of these antics.

What is the current situation? The number of government schools is more than private schools but education there has a bad name. The performance of teachers is negligible, while their salaries are not low. Teachers have complete freedom not to do their core work, so it is no wonder that so many schools are closed and their performance is only seen on paper.

On the other hand, the education system of Pakistan depends on the private sector, but its condition is not very happy. Schools are open in every street but they have no capacity to impart good education.

Schools that charge higher fees tend to have slightly better quality of education. It is obvious that more low-income population means more schools with low fees, while the number of children from affluent families is less and the quality of schools is also less because not everyone can afford them.

Our children study only to ‘become servants’

With this dual education system, the gap between the rich and the poor is constantly widening. Children of the rich get good education, which leads them to get high paying jobs, and children of poor parents do not get good jobs because of poor education and usually have no way to change their circumstances. The doors don’t open.

Thus our education system is dividing the society into classes. Madrasahs, government and private schools are producing students with somewhat conflicting views. Poverty will not end like this and the national economy will never improve.

The paradox of the education system is leading us to a constant disaster, which needs to be resolved on a war footing.

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