Why is the Rehearsal Process Essential for Reading English Text?

Why is the Rehearsal Process Essential for Reading English Text?
In addition to studies in language teaching, it is neuroscience that proves this. Indeed, learning is a transformation that our behavior undergoes following interactions with the environment. If we learn something, it is because there are connections established between neurons within our central nervous system.
Why is the Rehearsal Process Essential for Reading English Text?
The first contact with the information creates these links, while revision (repetition) solidifies them. We must therefore have encountered (by chance, or, in the case of learning a language, intentionally) information several times for it to take its place in our long-term memory. In other words, to improve in English to the point of becoming bilingual, it is essential to work on your skills regularly.

And this is true not only for passing your baccalaureate or final exams, but also for being able to read in original language and for learning to speak a language in general.

Yesmag draws on these observations: the application’s functionalities invite you to practice your English regularly. Different new articles every week allow you to have the necessary rhythm to progress, without forgetting the base of hundreds of recent articles classified by theme.

The interactive vocabulary notebook is also designed for regular reviews of the words you saved while reading the articles. And to ensure that the neural links are solid, it is possible to redisplay the passages which caused problems during reading in order to check that their understanding is now acquired.
Reading and learning English

When we talk about the benefits of reading, we think first and foremost of vocabulary acquisition. However, reading a text is not just about encountering new words and learning them.

It also means immersing yourself in the syntax and grammar of the language (very often very different from those of your mother tongue), learning through expressions and contextualized grammatical structures and immersing yourself in the language as it is spoken and written today. In short, work on several skills at once.

If you want to progress faster, read as much as possible! With Yesmag and Yes book, you will be able from the start, thanks to their exclusive features, to read at a sustained pace to quickly become independent in reading whatever the written medium.

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