Women’s Education & our Social Behavior

Women’s Education & our Social Behavior

Women’s Education & Skills and our Social Behavior

Women are as important part of every society as men.Since then, from developed to developing societies, women have to fight for their rightful place and equal rights with men.Whether in the East or in the West, the position of women is in accordance with the social values ​​and traditions there.The traditional role of women has changed in both societies in the developed world.Women are now fulfilling their traditional responsibilities as well as playing a significant role in various walks of life.The biggest and most important reason for this is the growing trend of women getting an education.

Women's Education & our Social Behavior

Awareness of the importance of education is now emerging in the conservative societies of the world where parents from the birth of a girl began to worry about collecting money and jewelry because they had to arrange for their daughter to marry.

The first duty seemed. Women are an important part of society which has been given a high status by Islam in all its forms. Islam is the first religion in the world which has given rights to women. And one of these rights is the right to education.


Women should be given equal opportunities to get an education. Educated women play an important role in promoting national development. It is imperative that women get education and play their role in various walks of life so that the pace of national development accelerates as women can play their effective role for rapid development.Only by eliminating gender discrimination and providing equal rights can backwardness be eradicated.

More than half of the country’s population cannot be kept out of the mainstream of development.To achieve the goals of national development, women have to play their part along with men.The participation of women will not only double the manpower of the country but will also ensure the availability of a large number of committed teachers, bureaucrats, scientists, engineers and experts in various fields: “Acquisition of knowledge is a must for every man and woman.”Pakistan’s constitution also guarantees equal opportunities for education without any gender discrimination, but due to some local traditions in the country, some people are reluctant to provide education to women.


But there are still areas in Pakistan where the enrollment of girls is declining despite the presence of schools more than half a kilometre away.Some parents are afraid of the law and order situation in the country and stop their daughters’ education thinking that it is not important enough to risk it.Some even wonder what would happen if every girl learned to read and write, while others cut off their daughters’ education because they could not afford it.

In addition, both social and economic factors seem to be driving plus Family
customs, specific attitudes to protect women, early marriages, poor economic
conditions, unemployment for educated women, and schooling for girls. 

I think there are conflicting views in society regarding women’s education and many such negative perceptions are based on ignorance. There are also some customs that girls have to leave their education incomplete and settle down when they reach a certain age. As a result, many of the resources used in girls’ higher education, especially in the technical field, are wasted.

This kind of thinking is not right. If Hazrat Khadija could carry out business activities in many countries diligently and if Hazrat Ayesha had the ability to compile a huge collection of Hadith, then our daughters would follow in her footsteps by balancing their domestic life and running a business.

Women in particular are victims of physical, mental, psychological, financial, cultural, sexual and emotional violence. In all societies where boys are given priority over girls in other rights, girls are also facing severe gender segregation in favor of education and as a result the pace of social development is disappointing. Education is the most basic and effective. It is a weapon that can not only combat all forms of gender segregation, gender violence and inequality, but also permanently get rid of these problems in the future.


Today, women in government and semi-government and private jobs are insecure in the offices, one of the main reasons being their low numbers, if their numbers are on an equal or less basis, then on them. The process of domination can end on its own. There is a need to equip every mother, sister and daughter with education and to set up various adult curriculum in which women deaf and dumb are educated from basic education. The process of getting matriculation should be started while those women whose education was cut off after passing middle school should be made to prepare for matriculation.


Apart from basic educational facilities, the important need of the modern age is information technology as well as counseling on self-grooming and public health. Today, if the rulers want to give real rights to women, they will have to create educational opportunities for them. Man and women are the future of Pakistan. Violence and massacres of women in the name of religion, honor, ritual and rule must end.




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